As a young girl, many of us dream of two things; becoming a ballerina and the day we walk down the aisle. I know I did/do. Our childhood dream to become a ballerina and bride has finally come true. From gowns to accessories to hairstyles, you will obtain dazzling ideas for your wedding in the world of ballet.

One of the most iconic ballerina fashions is the tutu skirt. Show off that perfect neckline and drape your body in a soft flowing chiffon skirt combined with a bodice made for a queen. The light layers of chiffon will make any bride feel as if she is floating on air. What a stunning style for a wedding gown!

But let’s complete the picture. Sweep that hair off your face into the most elegant of buns and finish it off with a little sparkle. Give your face a kiss of color and you are ready for the spotlight – but only if the shoe fits. Slip your toes into a ballet flat; comfy, cozy and perfect for dancing the night away!

So full of life and movement.  Half couture, half classic elegance, I’m are love-struck from neckline to hem. Draw your inspiration from the quiet, graceful beauty of the ballet, and turn your bridal debut into a spotlight performance worthy of a standing ovation.


Hugs and Kisses,