The Importance of Hiring Professional and Experienced Wedding Vendors

There is no denying that weddings cost a lot of money. So what do you do when your wedding budget cannot accommodate your wedding fantasy?   The natural inclination is to cut corners wherever you can, including cutting back on professional services. Sure, you will save money by hiring the least expensive vendors you can find or delegating wedding services to relatives and friends. But the old adage, "You get what you pay for," really comes into play here. Skimp on services and you could easily end up paying a bigger price in the end: lots of headaches and a wedding that's memorable for all the wrong reasons.   Hiring a Professional DJ or Band There are two things your guests will be talking about after your wedding: food and entertainment. Entertainment is [...]

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue

By Taylor Checchia Touring potential wedding venues can definitely feel like an overwhelming process, especially after coming off the high of being newly engaged! Differentiating between the many site visits, and endless menu packages can be a bit difficult. This is why I always challenge my clients to find what sets a specific venue apart from all the others. What do they love about it, that they cannot get anywhere else? What makes it the perfect venue for them?! A lot of times my clients will then ask me what my favorite part about West Hills is. I have a personal top two favorites that I always share with them: Exclusivity! Devolve Imaging Photography Hosting only one wedding per day allows for our team to be extremely focused and [...]

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An Elegant Outdoor Ballroom

A Wedding Venue Unlike Any Other By Taylor Checchia   When you envision your wedding day, what do you see? A dramatic ballroom with elegant chandeliers and fabric-draped ceilings? Or maybe something more natural with views of the outdoors and rustic décor? What kind of atmosphere do you want for your guests? …Fun and relaxed, or sophisticated and formal; maybe even a combination of both? Here at West Hills Country Club you have the ability to transform and personalize the Grand Outdoor Ballroom to create YOUR perfect wedding. With private access to our non-traditional tented ballroom, and the exclusivity of hosting only one wedding per day, your options are seemingly endless. See what Eileen had to say about her autumn wedding at West Hills. “We were married a month ago at WHCC. [...]

Winter Wonderland at West Hills

There are very few times in life when you cross paths with a person or place you know is going to be a part of your future. Lenore and Robert first felt that with each other, and later with West Hills. “I just want to say how incredibly thankful Robert and I are for the experience we shared having our wedding at West Hills. You all went above and beyond, and I am blown away with how special our day was not only for us, but for our guests. Taylor, Thank you for not only being an amazing wedding planner and coordinator, but a friend and someone I will cherish getting to have experienced this milestone with. Getting to share the excitement and emotions of planning the wedding of our dreams with [...]

Love and Ice Cream

I first met Noelle and Brian in the beginning of 2018 at our March Tasting Event. I immediately connected with the two of them. It was most likely their personalities, but our mutual love for food was definitely a huge part of it! Now Noelle and I are pretty chatty people, so we talked about everything from her wedding vision, to the planning process, but most importantly the menu for their wedding day. When the topic of dessert came up, Noelle immediately started to smile, and she literally began laughing out loud! She has an infectious laugh, so Brian and I instantly began to smile and laugh as she started telling their “how we met story.” Their story is by far one of my favorites! It is hilarious and truly memorable… and [...]

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A Day Made Exclusively for You

It’s here. Wedding day. But how is it already here?! There’s still so much to do! It’s 9:30 in the morning and we need to be at the hair salon by 10:00am. But we NEED to stop for coffee and something to eat; that’s not even a question. We are already running late, and the make-up artist told us to be back at the hotel by noon. Three hours is enough time for 8 women to get their hair and make-up done… right?  I hope so, because the photographer is coming at 1:00 pm to start the “getting ready photos,” and pictures of me putting on my dress. Aunt Susan should be bringing my dress to the hotel at 1:30pm. I hope she is on time! We must then leave promptly at 2:30pm, [...]

A July Outdoor Ballroom Wedding at West Hills Country Club

When we first met with Alaina and Brian, we knew they were going to have THE MOST FUN wedding ever. How did we know? Their list of “must haves.” All wedding couples have one of these. Some lists are really long, and others can be really short…. But the most important thing about these lists, is that they include everything that is important to the couple! Now, for Alaina and Brian, their “must haves” were fairly simple: A Top-Shelf Bar Beautiful Venue/Grounds Fun and Dancing Great Food Top-Shelf Bar – Check! Their concern was drinking us out of Titos = we said IMPOSSIBLE! ::Side note:: Titos poured nonstop, and there was more to go around even after the music stopped! Beautiful Venue/Grounds – Check! Between the waterfalls, gardens, and our beautifully landscaped [...]

Why you should select an inclusive wedding venue

Save Time. Save Money. Stress Less. Enjoy More with an inclusive wedding venue. Prior to listing all the positives to choosing an inclusive wedding venue to host your wedding, let me first paint a little picture in your head… Imagine this. You have just signed a contract with what you thought was the perfect wedding venue. You are madly in love with it, and just cannot wait until your wedding day. Everything is going to be flawless, and you barely have to do anything else, because the place is just so perfect. Fast forward to one month later when you really start planning. You think to yourself, “What is included at this wonderfully, perfect venue?” The answer: The building. Yup, that’s it. Just the building. Now you have to contract outside vendors [...]

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Booking an Outdoor Ballroom vs. A Tented Wedding

Wedding Perfection Under the Tent A specific expression transforms a guest’s face when they walk into your tent wedding. Their eyes immediately gaze upward at the perfectly draped white pleated ceiling.  They grin as a cool breeze rustles in from the open sides, and the fresh air is filled with a combination of your sweet floral centerpieces and the intoxicating scent of cocktail hour specialties.  When the conditions are warm and airy, the sun is shining, and the signature cocktail is all you need to feel refreshed, the look on their face is a blissful endorsement of your venue choice.   Rewind.  Now picture it, and it’s raining. Or it’s humid.  Or it’s freezing, and the cool breeze is actually wind, knocking down your hydrangeas and blowing out the floating [...]

Do Yourself A Favor

By Krista Lewis Events Coordinator West Hills Country Club One of the most controversial topics in weddings today… wedding favors. Do you pay hundreds of dollars to monogram stemless wine glasses? Do you spend endless hours tying bows around boxes of chocolates? Or do you donate to a local charity? The ideas are endless and the time put in can be exhausting! We have seen them all. From the shot glasses, to the photo booth picture frames, to the personalized candles. Photo Credit: The Ramsdens They are cute, personal, and a sweet thank you for the friends and family who helped you celebrate your big day. But, we have also seen too many of these left behind. The day after, the newlyweds always ask us why there are so many [...]

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