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They can turn a dull space into a lively, colorful and energetic room. They exemplify your taste and style, and enhance the entire look of your day. You guessed it, I’m talking about the flowers. Whether your a boho bride rockin’ a crown of daisies or your searching for an extravagant bouquet of gardenias, your florist will create whats right for you. So where do you start? How do you choose the right florist? Here are few tips when scouting them out.

  1. Ask Around
    There’s more value in a word-of-mouth referral from a friend or family member than any advertisement. Talk to friends and relatives about florists they have used in the past or floral arrangements they have seen from certain places. Or, ask the on-site wedding coordinator… we might have dealt with a few florists here and there. ;)
  2. Shop Around
    Try to check out a minimum of 3 florists and make sure you take note of a few different things at each one.
    – Arrangements in the store-Do you like what you see?
    – Freshness of the flowers- Are they becoming old and wilted, or are they fresh, alive and vibrant. A good florist will make sure all of their flowers on display look their best, so keep your eyes (and nose!) open.
    – Pictures of past work- Look through albums of weddings they have done in the past. This will give you a good idea of their capabilities.
  3. Be Prepared
    – Know your style- Are you timeless and romantic? rustic? boho-chic? Make sure you are able to convey who you are and what you are going for with some key terms that describe you best.
    – Budget- Set aside a certain amount of money you are putting towards flowers and decor. Florists are usually pretty good at substituting certain flowers for more affordable ones that have a similar look.
    – Know your numbers- Be ready to tell the florist how much of everything you will need. For example: How many people are in the wedding party? This will determine how many bouquets and/or boutonnieres you will need. Are any parents getting corsages and/or boutonnieres? How many tables need centerpieces? Come with your estimated guest count and make sure you know how many seats are typically placed per table at the venue. Do you want flowers for the cake? (Go for it if it matches your style, it always looks so beautiful!)
  4. Bring With You:
    – Pictures- Admit it. Your Pinterest is probably loaded with wedding pictures on your wedding board… Am i right? Use them! Show the florist what you like and explain your vision. Better yet, show them pictures of your venue. You picked it for a reason… you like the look of the place. This will ensure the centerpieces not only fit your style, but fit in nicely with the venue.
    – Dress Swatches- If you have a swatch of your dress, bring it with you. Believe it or not, there are many different shades of white. And if you are having bridesmaids in your wedding, bring a swatch of their dresses too.
  5.  Ask Questions!
    The florist are the professionals so use this to your advantage. Ask them what flowers are in season the month of your wedding and what they recommend. Be sure to ask about what else they supply, if anything, and what the additional costs are. (Decor such as votives, mirrors, candelabras, etc.)

In addition to asking questions, put some effort into building a rapport with your florist. As a matter of fact, build a rapport with ALL your vendors. You want this day to be as amazing as possible. By building a relationship with vendors, they will “get” you and your vision, and you will trust them. It will make your big day much less stressful.


I hope these tips were helpful! ♥ janelle