There are very few times in life when you cross paths with a person or place you know is going to be a part of your future. Lenore and Robert first felt that with each other, and later with West Hills.

“I just want to say how incredibly thankful Robert and I are for the experience we shared having our wedding at West Hills. You all went above and beyond, and I am blown away with how special our day was not only for us, but for our guests.

Thank you for not only being an amazing wedding planner and coordinator, but a friend and someone I will cherish getting to have experienced this milestone with. Getting to share the excitement and emotions of planning the wedding of our dreams with you truly made the experience one I will never forget. You are kind, patient, genuine and so fun, and I enjoyed the time we spent together making our dream wedding a reality. When the day finally arrived I couldn’t be more excited to see you and share the excitement with you!!

I also want to say how absolutely amazing the staff is. Trish and Sho made us feel like part of a family, and made sure that we were happy, comfortable, and fed! Sharing the moments right before walking down the aisle, with Trish leading us, was something I won’t forget. She calmed our nerves and made sure everything went flawlessly. Sho was awesome and was there for anything we needed and the entire staff was truly so kind and accommodating.

THE FOOD WAS AMAZING! Everything was incredible. My guests had nothing but amazing things to say, and everyone loved everything!!! Knowing my guests had good food was probably one of my biggest concerns
and I couldn’t have asked for better.

From the bottom of our hearts we are truly so thankful we got to share the most important day of our lives with you all at West Hills. When we got engaged 3 years ago, the first place we looked at was West Hills. Life happened and got in the way, and we never in a million years thought it would be possible to have the wedding of our dreams at this venue. We discussed other options, looked at other places, and after our third sit down, when we finally booked our wedding, we couldn’t believe we were actually going to make it happen, and let me tell you it was worth every day that we waited to make it a reality. I will never forget our day and the special memories made because of West Hills. We are overcome with gratitude and filled with love and happiness. Thank you so much!!!”


April Vidal Photography captured memories Lenore and Robert will treasure forever!