Finding “The One”

"If you lived to be one hundred, I want to live one hundred minus one day, so I would never have to live a day without you." Everyone longs and dreams to find “the one.” It starts young, in the story books and then into our adulthood with the oh so emotional romance movies on Lifetime. There is no denying that we all long for that kind of love. The kind that makes you say, “Is this really happening?” I for one am very guilty of that. I dream of my love story being like a country music video. As silly as that sounds, I think that hopes and dreams like that help shape what and who we are ultimately looking for. Dering Photography Some are lucky enough to find [...]

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Is it true there are 5 languages of love?

“If we learn to meet each other’s deep emotional need to feel loved, and choose to do it, the love we share will be exciting beyond anything we’ve ever felt.” —Gary Chapman Ever had an argument with your partner and the phrase “You just don’t get it,” or “I’m not a mind reader” entered the conversation?...Yeah, I’m pretty sure we have all been there. If they only knew how you were feeling and truly understood where your point of view was coming from. That’s basically of the idea behind the concept of love languages. It's breaking down the 5 different ways people love, and understanding those differences. By doing this, and really applying some of the tools learned, you can make any relationship flourish. This concept was created by Dr. Gary Chapman, and in my [...]

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Groom’s Cake or No Groom’s Cake?

Long ago, in addition to the main wedding cake there was an entire separate cake that was served as a favor to the guests to take home. According to a long forgotten social custom, the single women would take a slice of the cake home and place it under their pillow when they went to sleep that night. This was supposed to bring them sweet dreams of their future hubby... hence the name grooms cake. Today, the groom's cake has made a come back and we are seeing it at many weddings but for very different reasons. It is typically a bride's gift to the groom that reflects his personality or interests. Of course the wedding cake has some opportunity to incorporate the couples style and taste, but the grooms cake has the freedom to be more informal and sometimes even [...]

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Robert & Stephanie – September 20, 2015

My situation with some couples booked at West Hills is a bit unique. Elora, another event coordinator in our office, left our facility to go back to school and pursue a different career path. Along with that, she left behind couples she had been working with. I will be completely honest, I am always a bit nervous when meeting with these new couples for the first time because I am not sure how they will react to working with somebody new. I understand though, trusting a new face when it comes your wedding day might be a bit nerve racking! The first time I met Stephanie was at her menu visit. Both her and her mother came in to pick our their food choices, table linens, waterfall colors and much more. It didn't take very long for [...]

5 Tips When Booking Your Wedding Florist

They can turn a dull space into a lively, colorful and energetic room. They exemplify your taste and style, and enhance the entire look of your day. You guessed it, I'm talking about the flowers. Whether your a boho bride rockin' a crown of daisies or your searching for an extravagant bouquet of gardenias, your florist will create whats right for you. So where do you start? How do you choose the right florist? Here are few tips when scouting them out. Ask Around There’s more value in a word-of-mouth referral from a friend or family member than any advertisement. Talk to friends and relatives about florists they have used in the past or floral arrangements they have seen from certain places. Or, ask the on-site wedding coordinator... we might have dealt with a few [...]

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Double Sided Bar

How cool is this double sided bar from last night’s wedding?! The weather was beautiful so the sides of the tent were up! This allowed guests to order drinks from both inside and outside! Come to  West Hills Country Club and check it out for yourself! 

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