“If you lived to be one hundred, I want to live one hundred minus one day, so I would never have to live a day without you.”

Everyone longs and dreams to find “the one.” It starts young, in the story books and then into our adulthood with the oh so emotional romance movies on Lifetime. There is no denying that we all long for that kind of love. The kind that makes you say, “Is this really happening?” I for one am very guilty of that. I dream of my love story being like a country music video. As silly as that sounds, I think that hopes and dreams like that help shape what and who we are ultimately looking for.

Dering Photography

Dering Photography

Some are lucky enough to find their person early on in life – maybe a grammar school crush or a high school sweetheart. Maybe in college or at a local bar. And even some are fortunate enough to have a fairy-tale beginning and found their perfect soulmate reaching for the same loaf of bread at the grocery store. However it happens, we’ve all dreamed about how it could happen.

So share with me. How did you find “The One?”

Hugs and Kisses,