Is a First Look a Good Idea?

If you are planning a wedding, I am sure the thought of doing a first look has crossed your mind. The debate between seeing your partner before the ceremony or waiting until the ceremony to see one another can be taunting. Which is the right choice? Before I go any further, let me explain what a first look is. A first look is a new and modern trend where the couple has the opportunity to see one another before the wedding ceremony. One person is usually positioned looking away out over the golf course, by the willow trees , or someplace with a beautiful back drop. Then, their partner will meet them and they see each other for the first time on their wedding day. This very intimate and highly anticipated moment [...]

Jessica and Matt – June 4, 2016

Florist: Lucille's Floral of Fishkill Photographer: Erica Lee Photography “When two hearts are meant for each other no distance is so far, no time is so long, and no other love can break them apart.” I'll never forget the day when this beautiful couple walked into my office with their precious daughter Ava. From the moment I met them, I just knew that they belonged here. Their gracious, fun and gentle personalities beautifully matched their wedding colors and decor, and their pure love for one another was nothing short of magical. This truly is what it is all about. Hugs and Kisses, Mallory

Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors can be a tricky tradition to get right. You don't want to get your guests something that they will toss to the side, forget about and never use, but you don't want to spend a ton of money on TOP of all the other wedding expenses. Thankfully we live in an age where Pinterest and DIY trends are all the rage and can be a huge help in finding affordable, yet useful, favors. Below you will find wedding favors couples have given to their guests at West Hills in the past. Having a favor that is actually useful is key, allowing you to rest assured that the money you spent is going to use, not to waste. Blooming Favors Affordable, beautiful, and incredibly sturdy, small succulents make great wedding favors, especially when you plant them [...]

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Pucker Up!

When you think about your wedding day, you think about your overall look; your dress, your hair, your accessories, your flowers and everything in between. But let’s not forget about the most important piece of it all. YOU! Play up your most vital asset by adding just the right amount of color right on the smacker. Let’s not forget that today is the day your kissable lips seal the deal! Red, pink, plum, nude, sheer, matte, gloss lacquer- when you start thinking about lipstick for your big day, suddenly there are so many different choices! Steer clear of traditional lipsticks and super shinny glosses, and go right for the lip stain. Some are even flavored! Mmmmm, kissably delicious. No smudges, no transfers and no reason to re-apply; not too dark, not too [...]

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What’s Hot for 2016- Top Wedding Trends

I came across an article that I thought would interest our 2016 wedding couples. I pulled a few trends from WeddingWire's Kim Forrest's list of what's hot for this years wedding season. Read below! Top Wedding Trends for 2016: Flowers and Greenery Hanging from Ceilings and Covering Walls Floral creations aren’t just for reception tables anymore! We’re seeing floral arrangements in unique places—including hanging from venue ceilings and covering walls to create a memorable photo backdrop (remember the famous photo from Kim and Kanye’s wedding?). High Ballerina Buns While many brides are still loving the loose, romantic look, we’re also seeing more and more brides wearing their hair in more structured ballerina-inspired updos. We love how this style keeps the hair out of the face all night long! Expanding Social Media Presence 2015 was [...]

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Choose the Perfect Signature Cocktail

Your signature cocktail- one of the fun details to decide on when planning your wedding at West Hills. The specialty drink is served a half hour before the cocktail hour begins (or ceremony if you are getting married on-site). A well-picked signature cocktail can be a great way to express yourselves as a couple and make festivities, well, more festive.  But keep in mind, even though it might be your happy hour usual, I'm not so sure your grandfather is going to enjoy sipping on your Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan garnished with hot pink sugar. (...but hey, if he does, I'm not one to judge!) I usually recommend couples to pick a "his and hers" or "sweet and dry" so you will have something for everyone's palette. Or, pick something that runs in the middle of the road, such as a bourbon [...]

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The stage is yours – It’s time for your wedding day debut!

As a young girl, many of us dream of two things; becoming a ballerina and the day we walk down the aisle. I know I did/do. Our childhood dream to become a ballerina and bride has finally come true. From gowns to accessories to hairstyles, you will obtain dazzling ideas for your wedding in the world of ballet. One of the most iconic ballerina fashions is the tutu skirt. Show off that perfect neckline and drape your body in a soft flowing chiffon skirt combined with a bodice made for a queen. The light layers of chiffon will make any bride feel as if she is floating on air. What a stunning style for a wedding gown! But let’s complete the picture. Sweep that hair off your face into the [...]

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Wedding Photography Styles – Which One Suites You Best?

The unfortunate thing about you big day is, well... its only one day. After the cake has been cut, the flowers have wilted away and the last favor is stuffed into your Aunt's purse, the photographs are all that remain. That being said, it makes the pictures pretty important! But where do you begin? Start with considering the looks of different photos. Which types of pictures immediately catch your eye? Traditional/Classic These are the pictures that stand the test of time. Striking, gorgeous, and a bit formal. They usually consist of posed and pre-planned shots. This is great for couples who do not want surprises and want to be sure all of the basics get covered. Artistic Your pictures can be much more creative than just a full framed shot of everyone looking into the [...]

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My Top Ten Wedding Tips

“A wedding is a party, not a performance. If at the end of the day you are married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly.” Give Yourself Time The average couple begins planning their wedding 12-16 months out. Giving yourself extra time really helps to keep stress levels down. It gives you the ability to get tons of stuff done early and time to save for the things that you may really want. You only get to plan your wedding once, so enjoy it! Be Present On your wedding day, soak up all the love, joy and bliss! I often tell my couples to take a step back, look in the mirror and reflect. With all the chaos that goes into planning your most special day, its easy to lose sight of [...]

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Don’t Miss a Beat at Your Wedding!

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience and you definitely do not want to miss a thing! We have some suggestions on how to make sure you capture all of the special moments. The day that you have been meticulously planning for months and months goes by FAST! There are things that you might not get to see such as the bridesmaids walking down the aisle or the cocktail hour. You may want to replay your vows or the exciting entrance into the reception. Even the best quality photos cannot fully capture the special moments such as the maid of honor and best man's speech. Having your wedding day on video gives you the ability to replay one of the most special days of your life. Preston Films is a wonderful videographer that has recorded many [...]

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