I came across an article that I thought would interest our 2016 wedding couples. I pulled a few trends from WeddingWire’s Kim Forrest’s list of what’s hot for this years wedding season. Read below!

Top Wedding Trends for 2016:

Flowers and Greenery Hanging from Ceilings and Covering Walls

Floral creations aren’t just for reception tables anymore! We’re seeing floral arrangements in unique places—including hanging from venue ceilings and covering walls to create a memorable photo backdrop (remember the famous photo from Kim and Kanye’s wedding?).


High Ballerina Buns

While many brides are still loving the loose, romantic look, we’re also seeing more and more brides wearing their hair in more structured ballerina-inspired updos. We love how this style keeps the hair out of the face all night long!

Expanding Social Media Presence

2015 was the year of the wedding hashtag, with couples asking their guests to use a special hashtag when sharing wedding photos on social media. In 2016, we predict social media expanding even further with couples and guests using Snapchat and Periscope to document the day.

Retro-Inspired Groom’s Looks

This year, we saw the rise of the cobalt blue tuxedo. We think that in 2016, grooms will think outside the box even more by wearing attire in shades like burgundy or plum.

Textured Buttercream Frosting

We’ll be seeing a lot of white wedding cakes in 2016—but what makes these cakes unique are how bakers are creating interesting patterns and textures with buttercream.


Drone Photography and Videography

More and more photographers and videographers are using drones to capture aerial footage of weddings. Look for this to grow even more in the New Year.

Foil-Stamped Invitations

This metallic look stems from the gold/copper trend. It’s a festive and fun style for stationery.


Wedding bouquets are still going heavy on the greenery—specifically beautiful seeded eucalyptus.


Cocktail-Appetizer Pairings

Tacos and tequila, hot dogs and beer—providing sips and bites together create a unique culinary experience for cocktail hour.

The Word “LOVE”

Sure, it’s pretty literal—but couples love to creatively feature their word “love” at their weddings. From signage to marquee lights and more, we have to admit, we love “love” too!


Honeymoons in Hawaii, Thailand and South America

We asked wedding travel experts to share their picks for the top honeymoon destinations for the New Year—and they all sound pretty dreamy.


If you would like to read the full artice, check it out at: What’s Hot for 2016: Top Wedding Trends – WeddingWireEDU Blog