The unfortunate thing about you big day is, well… its only one day. After the cake has been cut, the flowers have wilted away and the last favor is stuffed into your Aunt’s purse, the photographs are all that remain. That being said, it makes the pictures pretty important! But where do you begin? Start with considering the looks of different photos. Which types of pictures immediately catch your eye?


These are the pictures that stand the test of time. Striking, gorgeous, and a bit formal. They usually consist of posed and pre-planned shots. This is great for couples who do not want surprises and want to be sure all of the basics get covered.


Your pictures can be much more creative than just a full framed shot of everyone looking into the camera lens. Artistic photos can be a lot of fun and allows the uniqueness of each couple to shine through. This style captures as much as traditional photography as far as coverage goes, but takes on extreme angles, different backgrounds and sometimes unorthodox posing.  This allows the photographers to get really creative and capture some beautiful shots that will make you fall in love.


These are meant to have a candid look but usually have direction and styling. It has an approachable feel with a relaxed result and leaves more room for the photographer to create special moments and capture them as casual, elegant images.



One word: Lighting. This is a key component to dramatic photographs. Shots that play with the sun create some seriously dramatic pictures. But if mother nature is not cooperating, photographers can utilize off-camera flash photography. This creates some of the most beautiful shots our photographers have captured at West Hills. They are dramatic to say the least.


Spontaneous pictures of people, places and decor is the best way to describe this style with little to no pre-planning. Rather than posed pictures, photographers will capture action shots in the moment with no guidance. They capture moments that reflect reality but with the photographers skillful touch, these moments will truly stand out.


Many photographers tend to use a mix of all these styles but instead of assuming that they do, ask! Communicate with prospective photographers your favorite style and take note of the types of pictures they tend to highlight on their websites and in photo albums. Go with the photographer whose work you love and can envision being displayed in your home. After all… it’s your one day, so make sure it’s right!

Best of luck with the wedding planning ♥ janelle