Wedding favors can be a tricky tradition to get right. You don’t want to get your guests something that they will toss to the side, forget about and never use, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money on TOP of all the other wedding expenses. Thankfully we live in an age where Pinterest and DIY trends are all the rage and can be a huge help in finding affordable, yet useful, favors.

Below you will find wedding favors couples have given to their guests at West Hills in the past. Having a favor that is actually useful is key, allowing you to rest assured that the money you spent is going to use, not to waste.

Blooming Favors

Affordable, beautiful, and incredibly sturdy, small succulents make great wedding favors, especially when you plant them in little pots, add tags, and make them pull double duty as your escort cards. You could also use small potted flowers or herbs for this same purpose.


Local Syrup or Jam

Give guests a taste of the local flavor with a jar of honey or jam from a nearby farm. Buy in bulk directly from a farm or business that uses local ingredients, or go to the farmer’s market and make your own!







Candy Bar

It is tough to find a wedding favor that guest crave more than candy. Whether you go with chocolates, taffies, caramels or gummies, you pretty much can’t go wrong. Provide guests with to-go boxes to put their favorite sweet treats in that they will delightfully take home.







Photo Booth and Frame

Photo booths have become a popular trend at weddings and offer an opportunity to incorporate favors. Have small picture frames available for each guest to take home. This will encourage them to use the photo booth and is a great way to make a lasting memory.








Lightweight, small and undeniably useful, matchbooks can be given to your guests as a favor. And if it is fitting to you as a couple or you know that a majority of your guests would enjoy, why not offer a cigar bar along with the matchbooks? They go hand in hand and are a hit with the right crowd.


Drinkable Favors

Sending guests home with something delicious to drink is sure to please everyone. Wine, champagne, beer, home made limoncello, a miniature bottle of liquor paired with a recipe card of the couple’s favorite cocktail… the options are endless.

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