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The Perfect Way to End Your Wedding Reception… Late Night Munchies!

Your wedding guests may have feasted during dinner and finished off with wedding cake, but after spending hours tearing up the dance floor and sipping on cocktails, that late night food craving is almost always calling. Luckily, we have some treats that will keep your guests rocking into the wee hours of the night. Some of your favorite comfort foods all compiled into one package... what's better than that? We call this our Late Night Munchies! Surprise your guests with our delicious house-made zeppoles with powdered sugar and warm chocolate sauce. All of this is ready to grab-and-go so no one will be late to the after party! If zeppoles aren't your thing, try our hot pretzels with cinnamon sugar. Quick, easy, and delicious!                 Do you prefer savory [...]

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Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors can be a tricky tradition to get right. You don't want to get your guests something that they will toss to the side, forget about and never use, but you don't want to spend a ton of money on TOP of all the other wedding expenses. Thankfully we live in an age where Pinterest and DIY trends are all the rage and can be a huge help in finding affordable, yet useful, favors. Below you will find wedding favors couples have given to their guests at West Hills in the past. Having a favor that is actually useful is key, allowing you to rest assured that the money you spent is going to use, not to waste. Blooming Favors Affordable, beautiful, and incredibly sturdy, small succulents make great wedding favors, especially when you plant them [...]

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Friday and Sunday Weddings

You and your fiancee have finally found the perfect venue that has everything you have ever envisioned for your big day, congrats! Except there is one problem... all of their Saturdays are booked. This is an issue many couples find themselves facing, not realizing that weddings typically book two years in advance. (especially those prime dates!) Then this leads you to the next question, what is more important- your dream wedding venue or your dream date? Having a wedding on a Friday or Sunday has become the popular alternative and opens the door to different options at your venue. Are a majority of your guests traveling from out of town? A Sunday wedding gives them plenty of time to travel to your wedding location and unwind. This often gives your guests an excuse for a mini vacation... [...]

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Robert & Stephanie – September 20, 2015

My situation with some couples booked at West Hills is a bit unique. Elora, another event coordinator in our office, left our facility to go back to school and pursue a different career path. Along with that, she left behind couples she had been working with. I will be completely honest, I am always a bit nervous when meeting with these new couples for the first time because I am not sure how they will react to working with somebody new. I understand though, trusting a new face when it comes your wedding day might be a bit nerve racking! The first time I met Stephanie was at her menu visit. Both her and her mother came in to pick our their food choices, table linens, waterfall colors and much more. It didn't take very long for [...]

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