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You and your fiancee have finally found the perfect venue that has everything you have ever envisioned for your big day, congrats! Except there is one problem… all of their Saturdays are booked. This is an issue many couples find themselves facing, not realizing that weddings typically book two years in advance. (especially those prime dates!) Then this leads you to the next question, what is more important- your dream wedding venue or your dream date?

Having a wedding on a Friday or Sunday has become the popular alternative and opens the door to different options at your venue. Are a majority of your guests traveling from out of town? A Sunday wedding gives them plenty of time to travel to your wedding location and unwind. This often gives your guests an excuse for a mini vacation… and who would say no to that?? Are the majority of your guests local? Many of your guests will skip out on work a little early Friday afternoon to attend the big event.

A wedding on a Friday or Sunday (or any midweek day) means good news for your wallet too. Many wedding venues give you a significant dollar break when booking a day other than Saturday. You are getting the exact same thing you would on a Saturday but for a whole lot less. Just make sure the dates do not coincide with holiday weekends (Labor Day weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July weekend, etc.) as those are considered prime dates and typically have the higher pricing applied.

Vendors of your choice are much more likely to be available as well. Saturdays book just as quickly at wedding venues as it does for vendors, so that DJ or photographer you are dying to have at your wedding will likely have more availability on days other than Saturday.

Do your best not to stress about what other people prefer. You are inviting them to witness one of the most monumental days of your life (and to a killer party afterwards!). Those who really want to be there for such a special day will be, regardless of when it is.

So don’t be discouraged if you found your dream wedding venue and their Saturdays in the season you are looking for are booked. You can still have the wedding of your dreams just on a different day. And years down the road, you are going to remember the wedding itself, not the day of the week!!