When the weather begins to turn and the buds begin to bloom, we can’t help but get excited about what lies ahead. 2016 couples – it’s your year!! We hope you are just as excited as we are :)

I say this quite often, but that’s only because it’s true. I LOVE MY JOB! And the reason for that is because it isn’t a job – it’s my life. Being able to connect and share such a special time in people’s lives is one of the most rewarding and self-fulfilling things life can bring. Your happiness is my happiness; your wedding is my wedding. Well not literally haha, but at West Hills Country Club, we tend to put ourselves in your shoes. When immediate decisions need to be made and there is no time for chit chat, we’ll make the decision by asking ourselves, “If today was my day, what would we want.”

Working with such special couples allow for so many new relationships to form. By the end of it all, we’re more than just friends – we’re family. A couple years ago, when I started in this industry, a couple came to me the day after their wedding and said, “Yesterday was the best day of my life. If we could do it again, we wouldn’t, because we wouldn’t change a thing.” To this very day, those words run through my head and those are the words I live by. With that said, I’d like to share some words from some of our past West Hills couples to show you why we are motivated and happier each day to make wedding day dreams a reality.

cassie and nick

Cassie and Nick – Tina Elizabeth Photography

“My husband and I cannot say enough about how beautiful and amazing West Hills is! We booked the venue very early in our planning process and were able to work with the fabulous Mallory. Mallory is amazing and did everything possible to make our wedding planning and day perfect! Our wedding day was perfect. We had perfect weather for keeping the sides up in the outdoor ballroom and it was stunning. From the moment, I arrived in the bridal suite to get ready for the day, the staff was attentive and worked so hard to prepare the ceremony site and ballroom beautiful. The bridal attendant Jen was on point all day. She anticipated our every need! The entire waitstaff was incredible and our guests never had an empty class. Our guests have been raving about how beautiful the venue is, the amazing food and how the service was the best! Thank you to everyone at West Hills for making our wedding day perfect!” -Cassie and Nick 2015

alexandr and dav

Alexandra and Dave – Ben Lau Photography

“Our wedding was at West Hills Country Club on June 26th, 2015 and it was nothing short of amazing!!! It was exactly what I always envisioned for my wedding day, plus more. We had great weather and were able to put the sides of the outdoor ballroom up and also have our ceremony outdoors. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful & scenic views all night long! All of our guests said they had never seen anything like it. Elora was helpful & attentive to me the 11 months I was planning and always got back to me right away. Everyone at West Hills is so accommodating and helpful throughout the entire process! I wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else and it really was a dream come true. Absolutely perfect! :)” -Alexandra and Dave 2015


Kate and Greg – Alan E. Levine Photography

I just want to preface this review by saying that I am self admittedly an extremely picky, organized Type A person with often times unrealistically high expectations… and our wedding on 9/27/14 at West Hills was perfect! The staff went far above and beyond to make sure we were having the best night of our lives (which we did) and that our event ran smoothly. Multiple guests have told us that ours was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to and many are still raving about the food. Mallory (events manager) made everything from our first meeting to our 16 months of planning a breeze. She is the most organized person I have ever met (which is invaluable when you are planning a wedding). She is prompt and responsive, enthusiastically helpful and an absolute pleasure to work with. Chef Patrick is skilled beyond compare. The word “amazing” does not do his work justice. He even prepared vegan hors d’oeuvres for the bridal suite at cocktail hour as several vegans and vegetarians were in our bridal party. Additionally, he prepared a great vegan entree! It was a delicious culinary treat, not your run of the mill “throw some linguine and veggies together for the vegan” shortcut. Chef Patrick’s passion for what he does is apparent from the moment you lay eyes on one of his dishes, but is undeniably obvious with your first bite. Our maître d and head server- Roxi and Alicia were incredibly attentive and hardworking. They even got down on their knees to scrub a grass stain (my fault) out of my wedding gown- talk about exceptional service! They made sure my husband and I were able to eat (I didn’t miss a single course) and had plenty to drink or whatever else we might need. They kept us on schedule and kept the day and night flowing smoothly while treating us like a King and Queen. I have heard only exceptional things about each and every server. I know the staff treated our guests like royalty. The gorgeous grounds, beautiful outdoor ballroom and pool/fountains speak for themselves. I am just hoping I will receive an invitation to someone else’s wedding at West Hills so that I can enjoy it all over again! Our day was beyond perfect -Kate and Greg 2014


Danielle and David – Christine Studios

“When my husband and I began planning our wedding a little over 2 years ago, we knew we wanted something a little different and unique. When we first sat down with Mallory, she showed us blueprints of a beautiful tent that they were beginning construction on at West Hills Country Club. We were a little nervous at first, since nothing had been built yet, however Mallory, the Event Manager, made us feel so at ease that we couldn’t let this opportunity pass us by. Sure enough, West Hills did everything they said they would do AND MORE! Mallory is the ultimate professional, and a huge part of the reason we decided to book this venue. She was always available when I needed her and settled any worries and answered any questions I had. On the day of our wedding, everything went off without a hitch. EVERYONE at West Hills is an utmost professional and I didn’t have to worry about a thing all day, which is exactly what I needed and was looking for. Diana, our head server, was like superwoman, helping me all day with anything I needed, and every time I turned around someone was handing me a drink, or there to ask me if there was anything I needed. The grounds are stunning, the food is AMAZING and the service is the highest caliber. All of our guests are still talking about what an amazing venue it was and how they have never seen or been to anything like it. I would highly recommend this venue to anyone looking for a beautiful, unique, outdoor wedding experience. LOVED every minute of it!” -Danielle and David 2014

Claudia and Matthew – EID Photography

“We were so blessed to find the West Hills Country Club. When we went to look at the place, it wasn’t more than blue prints. Mallory did such a great job at presenting the project. Her faith in the venue made us book the place without even seeing done yet. Mallory helped us witheverything, she was right when she said we were going to be happy and worry free. She took care of every single detail. The venue is amazing, beautiful views, the food was excellent and plentiful, the staff was very professional (we loved Danielle, she was by us the whole night making sure we kept “well hydrated”). I can go on and on typing beautiful things about the venue, But all I can say is our wedding day was magical, and I’m glad the West Hills Country Club was the place where it happened. Thank you Mallory and the West Hills Country Club family for helping us making our dreams come true :)” -Claudia and Matthew 2013

This is what it is all about! At The Bonura Hospitality Group, we make dreams happen. Not because it’s our job, but because it’s our passion. We’re more than just amazing food; we are perfectionists and ready to prove it. We always offer impeccable personal service and attention, and will make every detail for every occasion unique and memorable.

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Hugs and Kisses,