It is the week of your wedding and you just opened your weather app for the hundredth time. Sure enough, you see the notorious rain cloud on the one day of the year you were hoping for clear skies; your wedding day.

By Janelle Menendez

Weather is an element that is utterly 100% out of your control, and that is a tough pill to swallow. However, there is a silver lining to rainy days, and in my opinion, it is a really big one.

Your photographer plays a key role in turning the dreaded rain storm into a beautifully unique photo shoot. Rain showers provide some amazing photo opportunities not normally available in dry or sunny conditions. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself some of the stunning images below.

These photos were taken in the evening with a back-flash placed behind the couple which is used to illuminate the rain drops. Keep an umbrella handy and watch the magic come to life.

Erin Peters Photography 2016

Erin Peters Photography

Ben Lau Photography

Erin Peters Photography

Rain during the day can be used to your advantage as well. Have a “photogenic” umbrella available, and create some seriously adorable portraits.

Thompson Photography Group

Sweet Alice Photography

Sweet Alice Photography

Nato Tuke Photography

Post rain clouds are unbelievably breathtaking, offering a dark and hauntingly beautiful background.

Don’t forget about Mother Nature’s vibrant colors that gently brighten up the surroundings when the sun returns after a passing rain shower.

Small Moments Studios

Nicole DeTone Photography

A little preparation goes a long way. Making sure your venue has a contingency plan in the case of bad weather is essential in eliminating weather related anxiety. But also keep in mind that a rainy forecast translates into incredible photos.

And if by the end of the day you have married the love of your life, what’s not to smile about?