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Fast Wedding Day Dress Fixes

  Expect the unexpected... a phrase commonly used in the event industry. You may plan everything for your wedding day down to a tee, but unexpected incidents tend to always arise. For example- stains on the wedding dress or a broken bustle. Before you find yourself sprinting to a nearby sink to rinse out that giant mascara mark that was drawn onto your dress, beware. Removing stains from a wedding gown can be a pretty tricky business, and water is not always the best solution. The Knot summarized some handy tips and tricks for common wardrobe malfunctions.  A little preparation -- and a smartly packed emergency kit -- can make a world of difference. Read below! Ink Spot You were signing your ketubah or a pre-wedding love note to your groom and your hand slipped? Fast fix: Apply [...]

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The stage is yours – It’s time for your wedding day debut!

As a young girl, many of us dream of two things; becoming a ballerina and the day we walk down the aisle. I know I did/do. Our childhood dream to become a ballerina and bride has finally come true. From gowns to accessories to hairstyles, you will obtain dazzling ideas for your wedding in the world of ballet. One of the most iconic ballerina fashions is the tutu skirt. Show off that perfect neckline and drape your body in a soft flowing chiffon skirt combined with a bodice made for a queen. The light layers of chiffon will make any bride feel as if she is floating on air. What a stunning style for a wedding gown! But let’s complete the picture. Sweep that hair off your face into the [...]

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Finding Your Perfect Dress

You have the ring on your finger and the date and venue picked out. Congratulations!  Now onto the next order of business- the dress. It can be a bit over whelming (which has probably started to become a familiar feeling) because of all the different looks and styles offered. One way to help immediately narrow things down is by figuring out what will flatter you best. I have laid out some wedding dress styles to help give you a basic idea of which style dress goes best with particular body types. Ballgown The dress that gives that "fairy tale" feel, this dress is great for large, traditional weddings. It is ideal for a lot of body types, especially  pear shapes because it accentuates the waist and flows out hiding the lower body [...]

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