Expect the unexpected… a phrase commonly used in the event industry. You may plan everything for your wedding day down to a tee, but unexpected incidents tend to always arise. For example- stains on the wedding dress or a broken bustle. Before you find yourself sprinting to a nearby sink to rinse out that giant mascara mark that was drawn onto your dress, beware. Removing stains from a wedding gown can be a pretty tricky business, and water is not always the best solution. The Knot summarized some handy tips and tricks for common wardrobe malfunctions.  A little preparation — and a smartly packed emergency kit — can make a world of difference. Read below!

Ink Spot

You were signing your ketubah or a pre-wedding love note to your groom and your hand slipped? Fast fix: Apply a touch of hair spray to a cotton swab, then rub lightly over the stain.

Water Mark

Sweat, tears, even good old Evian can leave a water mark on your gown. Immediately blot any wet spots with a clean white towel to soak up excess moisture. Beware: Attacking wet spots with a hair dryer may spread the mark even further. Fast fix: Run a hand steamer over the fabric to lift out the water mark. Be sure to ask your bridal salon about using steamers and irons on your gown when you pick it up after your final fitting.

Makeup Mess

With all those kisses you’ll be receiving, there’s a strong chance you’ll end up with makeup on your gown. Fast fix: Don’t rub it. Press a little club soda onto the spot, then sprinkle salt on top to soak up the moisture. Let dry. If a hint of a spot remains, touch up with white chalk or talc.

Oil Stain

A stray drop of salad dressing can quickly ruin a pristine white gown. Fast fix: Dip a Q-tip into cornstarch or talcum powder, then gently but generously apply it to the spot. The cornstarch or powder will absorb the oil. Wait 15 minutes for the moisture to be absorbed, then dust powder off with a clean white towel. Repeat if necessary.

Blood Blotch

Did you prick your finger with a corsage pin and then touch your gown? Fast fix: Wet a Q-tip with your own saliva, then gently rub it on top of the blood. The acids will break down the stain. Works best when the blood has not yet dried.

Broken Bustle

In a pinch, extra-big safety pins can fix a bustle that has been inadvertently stepped on and torn.

Source: Final Details: Fast Dress Fixes