By Krista Lewis
Events Coordinator
West Hills Country Club

One of the most controversial topics in weddings today… wedding favors.

Do you pay hundreds of dollars to monogram stemless wine glasses?
Do you spend endless hours tying bows around boxes of chocolates?
Or do you donate to a local charity?

The ideas are endless and the time put in can be exhausting!

We have seen them all. From the shot glasses, to the photo booth picture frames, to the personalized candles.

Photo Credit: The Ramsdens

Photo Credit: The Ramsdens

They are cute, personal, and a sweet thank you for the friends and family who helped you celebrate your big day. But, we have also seen too many of these left behind. The day after, the newlyweds always ask us why there are so many favors left over. We see their hearts break when we explain that their guests never took them from the tables; money and time gone to waste.

Succulent Plants as favors

Succulent Plants as favors

So, what do you do?

As a host, you do not want your guests to leave empty handed…but you also don’t want to give them something that won’t make it off the tables.  How about a To-Go Station?

Think back to the last wedding you attended. You stuff yourself so full in cocktail hour that you think your stomach will explode, yet you still manage to devour your entire dinner and dessert. After the feast, the drinking and the dancing continue. A few hours go by and you have danced off the many different hors d’oeuvres and the perfectly cooked steak that you finished without a bite left on your plate. The music stops, the lights turn on and you think to yourself, “wow… I am actually hungry.”

Now, picture this. You walk outside, and there is a table full of food. It can be anything you want. Do you love going to the diner after a night out with your friends? Incorporate that into your To-Go Station. You can have loaded cheese fries with half a dozen different toppings to choose from. Chicken tenders and bacon egg and cheese sandwiches. Add something sweet with vanilla and chocolate milkshakes.

Get creative!


A Day of Bliss Photography

Your guests will love a taco bar, hot pretzels, hot dog cart, a tater tot bar, or apple cider and donuts in the Fall. You can even go the extra mile to rent an ice cream truck!  Talk with your venue to see what packages they have for a To-Go Station.


EID Photography

You can add little touches to the station with personalized to-go containers and bags. This is a great way to incorporate your wedding logo into the To-Go Station. You can even make a sign that thanks your guests for coming and explains that the station is the favor of the night.

There are so many ways to say “Thank You” to your family and friends, but munchies at the end of the night are definitely a fan-favorite.  Your guests are sure to remember it.