Wedding Perfection Under the Tent

A specific expression transforms a guest’s face when they walk into your tent wedding.

Their eyes immediately gaze upward at the perfectly draped white pleated ceiling.  They grin as a cool breeze rustles in from the open sides, and the fresh air is filled with a combination of your sweet floral centerpieces and the intoxicating scent of cocktail hour specialties.  When the conditions are warm and airy, the sun is shining, and the signature cocktail is all you need to feel refreshed, the look on their face is a blissful endorsement of your venue choice.

Luxury Tent Wedding


Rewind.  Now picture it, and it’s raining.

Or it’s humid.  Or it’s freezing, and the cool breeze is actually wind, knocking down your hydrangeas and blowing out the floating candles.


Not at West Hills

Don’t panic.  You were smart when you venue shopped over a year ago.  You were searching for your perfect tent, and you considered booking the beautiful outdoor space at that mountain top vineyard, the one that had the option to tent the grounds.  (Now sigh with relief)  Before giving the deposit, you thought about your cousin Jenn’s Saint Laurent t-straps sinking into the ground because it poured days before, or explaining to Aunt Mary that she has to use that luxury “outhouse” to go to the bathroom.


Not at West Hills

If you could have predicted the weather, well, who knows where you would choose to get married?  But you knew you wanted to incorporate the outdoors, your love of nature and scenic beauty, and still give your guests the luxury experience they expect.


Thankfully, You Picked An Outdoor Ballroom.

Unsure of what that term actually meant, you toured a venue that was a tent, yet so much more.  Elegant chandeliers, bronze sconces, plush carpeting, granite and stone bar- wait, this is a tent?  Air conditioning, thermostat heating, ceiling fans- really, in a tent?  Built in sound system, waterfalls with LED lighting that match your wedding colors, a full wedding cottage you had all morning to get pampered in.  Fire pits.  Lounge furniture.
Full-service, tuxedo-clad staff process in and out of the reception area, each time returning to their table with another tantalizing course or bubbling beverage.  They are formal and friendly, and your co-workers at table 16 mentioned they feel like they are being waited on as if they were your family.




You See It.  That Look.


The smirk.  The nod of approval.  The wink.  You hear the whispers.  “This is the best wedding I have ever been to.”  The words they should be uttering at your wedding after all your hard work.  After all your research.

You feel proud (and relieved) you didn’t pick a tent.  You chose an Outdoor Ballroom.


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