Do you often get the feeling that bridesmaid’s dresses are almost always the same?  Same basic silhouette, and general fabric. Why so plain and simple? There are ways to add a little uniqueness to them without drawing the attention away from the wedding couple. Here are 3 simple and easy tips to bridesmaid’s dresses that are one of a kind!

  1. Play with shades. One of the simplest ways to have unique bridesmaid dresses is to play with the different tones of the color. Many people use basic neutral colors, or use the most prominent color from their bridal décor, but by mixing up the tones of the colors, it allows them to make a statement without being ‘in your face’ bold.
  2. Play with styles. On the contrary of what many think, there are way more options than just long or short. There’s above the knee, under the knee, mid-calf, high-low and long. And take a gamble with different fabrics. Don’t be afraid of different textures; give the dresses some movement and personality. Oh, and think about having each bridesmaid wear a different style! This especially works well if your girls have various body types. And although there should be no thunder stealing, you’re bridesmaids should still look hot! Finding something that looks flattering on each person will compliment the overall look of the wedding.
  3. Play with accessories. One method to having a unique bridesmaid dress is to actually leave the dress alone and simply play it up with jewelry and accessories. Let’s say you want to adorn your girls with pearls. Each girl should have pearls incorporated into their look just in a different manner. Maybe one with a pearl necklace, one with a bracelet, one with a hair accessory, etc.

With these simple and easy steps, you will be well on your way to those one of a kind bridesmaid dresses you always dreamed of!

Hugs and Kisses,