I first met Noelle and Brian in the beginning of 2018 at our March Tasting Event.

I immediately connected with the two of them. It was most likely their personalities, but our mutual love for food was definitely a huge part of it!

Now Noelle and I are pretty chatty people, so we talked about everything from her wedding vision, to the planning process, but most importantly the menu for their wedding day. When the topic of dessert came up, Noelle immediately started to smile, and she literally began laughing out loud!

She has an infectious laugh, so Brian and I instantly began to smile and laugh as she started telling their “how we met story.” Their story is by far one of my favorites! It is hilarious and truly memorable… and as an added bonus it involves ice cream!!

“Our very first date took place the day I moved home from California. Brian offered to pick me up at the airport and take me to lunch. As a Thank-You for picking me up, I decided I’d surprise him with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, because at that time there was a Ben & Jerry’s at the terminal. We had talked about our favorite ice cream flavors over the phone weeks before, and I figured I’d try to impress him with my good memory. I bought each of us a generous cup of our favorite flavors and headed toward the baggage claim. When I got to the baggage claim and saw him standing there waiting for me, I knew instantly that this was the man I would marry. I just knew he was the one. Immediately my nerves took over, and in a state of complete nervousness, I ate BOTH of our generous cups of ice cream without realizing. The good sport that Brian is, he just smiled and drove us to lunch. It wasn’t until we parked that I realized what I had done!”

Noelle went on to tell me that the two of them still laugh about that memory all the time, so they were looking for a way to incorporate ice cream into their wedding day. We talked about a few options and eventually decided to add on one of West Hills’ Late Night Munchies.

A crowd favorite at the end of the evening… an Ice Cream Truck! A perfect treat for a summer night!

Peter Demuth Photography did an amazing job capturing their love, and their love of ice cream! (http://www.peterdemuth.com/ )
-Taylor Checchia