Weddings at West Hills have the advantage of the ever changing seasons; spring’s fresh blooms, long, warm summer nights, fall’s vibrant colors, and cool, crisp days of winter. You cannot guarantee day-to-day weather. However, there are a few guarantees’ that come with each season.

Spring Weddings


Spring’s beauty is undeniably romantic. Nature is bursting with fresh blooms setting up a stunning scene for your wedding. There is nothing prettier than a blooming cherry blossom tree and seasonal pastel shades painting a gorgeous wedding backdrop.

Limited Holidays

There are few major holidays that you will be competing with during the spring time meaning more guests will be able to attend your wedding.

Ideal Lighting

April showers may bring May flowers, but it also provides cloud coverage which is ideal for flawless photos.

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Summer Weddings

Late Sunsets

Sunset can be as late as 9 pm depending on the month you choose. Long days give you a flexible ceremony start time and plenty of daylight to fit in your must have photos.

Seasonal Flowers

You will have a nearly endless assortment of in-season flowers available. This will help keep overall costs down and give you many options to choose from.

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Guest Availability

Vacation days tend to be easier to take during summer months. This is very convenient especially for any out-of-town guests.

Fall Weddings


The most obvious perk of a fall wedding, especially in the Hudson Valley, is the stunning foliage. Nature bursts with rich hues of red, orange and yellow setting the perfect backdrop for your photos.

Seasonal Ingredients

Think hot cider, flavorful butternut squash soup, apple cider donuts, warm apple pie and pumpkin flavored beer. Savory comfort food and drinks are perfect for this time of year especially as the temperatures drop.

Dress Versatility

Cooler temperatures mean more diverse gown options. This season is perfect for that elegant long sleeve dress you have always dreamed of. Or consider adding glam accessories such as a faux fur shrug with a sleeveless gown.

Wedding Couple posing with an umbrella in autumn

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Winter Weddings


Nothing says dreamy like a fresh snow fall creating a pristine white setting on your wedding day. Any color palette you choose will stand out.

Wedding Couple in winter

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Available & Affordable

Because winter tends to be a slower season in the wedding industry, your favorite vendors have a higher likelihood of being available on your date. In addition, pricing incentives are typically offered during the winter months giving you extra budget money.

Winter Honeymoon

What better way to exit a snowy reception hall than by flying to a warm, tropical paradise? It also means your wedding anniversary will be during those long winter months giving you a perfect excuse for future exotic getaways.