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Denise & Neal – February 17, 2017

When it comes to weddings, many people would agree that the winter months are not the most desirable in the Hudson Valley. Indeed spring, summer, and fall weddings are lovely, but we think there’s something absolutely charming about saying your “I do's” with a gorgeous wintry backdrop. Winter weddings are magical and romantic, and Denise and Neal's wedding at West Hills Country Club is a perfect example of that. Denise and Neal are both avid skiers, so it only made perfect sense to have their wedding during their favorite season. At one of our first meetings, Denise showed me pictures of a winter wonderland theme she was going for, and man, did she nail it. On their wedding day, our Indoor Ballroom completely transformed into an enchanted, glowing, wintry atmosphere.  The room looked amazing with [...]

Fast Wedding Day Dress Fixes

  Expect the unexpected... a phrase commonly used in the event industry. You may plan everything for your wedding day down to a tee, but unexpected incidents tend to always arise. For example- stains on the wedding dress or a broken bustle. Before you find yourself sprinting to a nearby sink to rinse out that giant mascara mark that was drawn onto your dress, beware. Removing stains from a wedding gown can be a pretty tricky business, and water is not always the best solution. The Knot summarized some handy tips and tricks for common wardrobe malfunctions.  A little preparation -- and a smartly packed emergency kit -- can make a world of difference. Read below! Ink Spot You were signing your ketubah or a pre-wedding love note to your groom and your hand slipped? Fast fix: Apply [...]

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Will You Be Twirling Into a Second Party Dress at Your Wedding?

That long anticipated moment is over. The gown that you hemmed and hawed over for months is on waiting to make its grand entrance. The doors open and you’re future awaits you. I do’s are exchanged and suddenly you become someone’s partner for life. What’s next you ask? The reception of course!! It’s party time!! Now before we jump right onto the dance floor, it’s time for a costume change! Now this may not be the plan for everyone, but for some, it’s just the perfect amount of surprise. Whether it’s something short or just something that’s just a little slimmer, there are tons of great styles for you to choose from. Forget about dragging around that heavy gown all night and twirl onto the dance floor in something a little lighter. [...]

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Wedding Traditions- Where Did They Come From?

Did you know that a popular wedding tradition is based off of... kidnapping? Weird, I know. There are so many traditions- The white dress, a wedding cake, the bouquet and garter toss... the list goes on and on. Have you ever wondered when or why these traditions began? I did some research and put together some interesting wedding facts that explain some of the most common wedding traditions and rituals. Why that finger for the engagement ring? The Ring Finger is the 4th finger on the left hand because people used to believe that that finger had a vein that led directly to the heart. White Dress Queen Victoria started the trend for white weddings when she commissioned a white lace gown for her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. Before that, brides just wore their best dresses on [...]

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Your Winter Wonderland Wedding

How's the weather where you are? If you're in the Hudson Valley, winter has come and temperatures have plunged. Yet despite the chill in the air, we here at West Hills can't help but think of the beauty and charm that is brought about during a winter wedding. Our indoor ballroom is the perfect place for a personal and intimate wedding during the winter months. As a matter of fact, we had one yesterday! Our bride did an amazing job incorporating a winter theme into her big day. Here is a little sneak preview before we receive the professional pictures from Erin Peter's Photography. Just because it is the holiday season does not mean it has to be a holiday wedding. The bride played up a winter theme with champagne, navy, and gold colors The beautiful sparkling [...]

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2015 Wedding Trends

As hard as it is to believe, 2015 is right around the corner! Along with the new year comes the new wedding trends. Here are some of the top talked about trends for 2015! 2015 Engagement Rings Rose gold and yellow gold have entered the bridal scene and are growing more popular as an engagement ring of choice. The romantic warm look of the rose gold band and the striking contrast with the diamond creates a beautiful and unique choice for an engagement ring. This copper and metallic look gives off a vintage vibe that is beginning to show up on bride's fingers more and more. Another engagement ring style that is not new, but definitely not going anywhere, is the halo engagement ring. This classic style is sticking around for 2015. 2015 Wedding Dresses [...]

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