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The stage is yours – It’s time for your wedding day debut!

As a young girl, many of us dream of two things; becoming a ballerina and the day we walk down the aisle. I know I did/do. Our childhood dream to become a ballerina and bride has finally come true. From gowns to accessories to hairstyles, you will obtain dazzling ideas for your wedding in the world of ballet. One of the most iconic ballerina fashions is the tutu skirt. Show off that perfect neckline and drape your body in a soft flowing chiffon skirt combined with a bodice made for a queen. The light layers of chiffon will make any bride feel as if she is floating on air. What a stunning style for a wedding gown! But let’s complete the picture. Sweep that hair off your face into the [...]

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Kristina & Tom – October 10, 2015

EID Photography Kristina & Tom – October 10, 2015 Venue: West Hills Country Club Photographer: EID Photography "You'll be my glass of wine, I'll be your shot of whisky" I met Kristina in 1989 - yes, you heard me, 1989. I was 3 months old, Kristina was 16 months old. Her mom Lynne, was my babysitter. Kristina was and is the big sister I never had, and her brother Frankie, the big brother my younger sister and I never had. We rode our bikes, went to the park, played hop-scotch in the driveway, went trick-or-treating, and my most vivid memory, eating shaped macaroni and cheese, cheese doodles and Dunkaroos while watching Rugrats (My mom never let my sister and I eat shaped macaroni and cheese. She always just bought the boring regular [...]

My Top Ten Wedding Tips

“A wedding is a party, not a performance. If at the end of the day you are married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly.” Give Yourself Time The average couple begins planning their wedding 12-16 months out. Giving yourself extra time really helps to keep stress levels down. It gives you the ability to get tons of stuff done early and time to save for the things that you may really want. You only get to plan your wedding once, so enjoy it! Be Present On your wedding day, soak up all the love, joy and bliss! I often tell my couples to take a step back, look in the mirror and reflect. With all the chaos that goes into planning your most special day, its easy to lose sight of [...]

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Hana & Bobby | May 29, 2015 | West Hills Country Club

Hana & Bobby – May 29, 2015 Venue: West Hills Country Club Photographer: Kevin Ferguson Photography "Your love is like the best cup of coffee...Comforting to my spirit, Soothing to my soul, Stimulating to my heart, While warming me all over." I met Hana and Bobby back in June of 2014, and I'd be lying if I said fate didn't bring them here. They had looked around at a couple other venues, but just couldn't find that unique, non-catering hall venue that they were looking for. Around this time, my boyfriend and I began searching for a place to move in together, and after countless internet searches, we just couldn't find anything that met our needs. Well, after giving the happy couple a tour of our beautiful grounds, I started to gather additional contact [...]

Marissa & Pat – June 14, 2015

Marissa & Pat - June 14, 2015 Venue: West Hills Country Club Photographer: Owl's Eye Studios "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." Lucky for me, I help many couples plan their special day - but this one was extra special. Marissa and I went to High School together (Yay Monroe-Woodbury, Class of 2007!). Though we didn't really know each other then, or hang in the same circles, it wasn't long after meeting with Marissa when searching for a wedding venue in September of 2014, that a friendship began to form.  Getting to be a part of a friends' wedding day is the best feeling in the world. Thank you Marissa and Pat [...]

A Dog In Your Wedding?

  Your heard right. More and more wedding couples have been including their furry K9 friend (or friends) in their big day. But lets be honest, what is cuter than a pup in a tux? (Or dress!) Pets play a huge role in people's lives, and many couples feel their family is incomplete without their dog's involvement. So why not creatively include them in your wedding party? Here are a few things to consider before your pet joins you and your fiancée on the the big day. 1. Consider your pet's personality Different couples choose different roles for their pets during the ceremony. You may have them simply stand next to the groomsmen or bridesmaid, or give them a bigger role such as walking down the aisle as the ring bearer. If your pet is skittish consider having [...]

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There is more to WHCC than what meets the eye…

I think it's pretty safe to say that you won’t find a more dramatic backdrop to host your special day. With over 200 acres of natural beauty, the stunning views of the golf course nestled alongside the Wallkill River is sure to turn some heads. I mean, how can you resist our historic red bridge? But why limit yourself to what's on property? Take a field trip to some of the local tourist attractions to really give your photography portfolio some diversity. Take a look at some of these photos shot by Allan E. Levine Photography and Erin Lane Photography from one of the local Apple Orchards and Historic Downtown Middletown. Believe it or not, both are only 5-10 minutes away from West Hills Country Club! Will you be taking a field trip for [...]

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#MCM – Lookin Sharp Fellas!

As you know, here at West Hills Country Club, we love to do everything we can to help out the bride on her big day. But today, it's all about the groom. It's easy to get lost in all the glitz and the glam of the dress and the flowers, causing us to lose sight that it’s just as much his day as it is hers. After all, a wedding is about two people joining together as a couple. So today, it's all about him. Vests, suits and tux's oh my! With so many new trends out there, just like anything else, it's important to find the style that will suit (no pun intended) the theme of the wedding as well as his style. What are the options you ask? Well to narrow it down, we [...]

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Baby Shower

Looking to host a baby shower of your own? Here at West Hills Country Clubwe do more than just Weddings! This color scheme works perfectly together while the favors and decorations really make the room “POP”! Come in today and let us help you plan your next event!

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Will you be going ‘Nude’ on your Wedding Day?

Now, now...we are talking about your makeup! Nude palates and blush tones have certainly been a recent wedding trend, for both décor and fashion style, and it seems to continue to hold true. Gentle hues and soft shades allow accents in other places to really pop! Take a look at this beautiful bride rocking the nude palate. Look how her blue eyes stand out - stunning! But let me've watched the tutorials and tried to mimic the diagrams, but end up looking like you were in a cat fight. Been there, done that. Well, try this. Allure magazine said it best, "Stick to hues in the same family as your skin tone—apply a soft nude to the entire lid and enhance the crease with a medium brown. Make sure to highlight the inner [...]

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