Your heard right. More and more wedding couples have been including their furry K9 friend (or friends) in their big day. But lets be honest, what is cuter than a pup in a tux? (Or dress!) Pets play a huge role in people’s lives, and many couples feel their family is incomplete without their dog’s involvement. So why not creatively include them in your wedding party?

Here are a few things to consider before your pet joins you and your fiancée on the the big day.

1. Consider your pet’s personality

Different couples choose different roles for their pets during the ceremony. You may have them simply stand next to the groomsmen or bridesmaid, or give them a bigger role such as walking down the aisle as the ring bearer. If your pet is skittish consider having someone in the wedding party carry him down the aisle. If your pet gets distracted easily, use a short leash. You also want to make sure it will be an enjoyable experience for him. Will your pet feel comfortable around your wedding guests? Even the most friendly of pets can become overwhelmed with large crowds. There are different ways to incorporate your little friend into the wedding that will make it comfortable for him and allow him to be a part of the fun. Get creative!

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2. Let your guests know!

Not everyone is as fond of dogs as you may be. Some guests might be allergic so make sure to inform your guests in some sort of way (such as on the invitation) so they can plan accordingly.


3. Let the photographer know too!

You will definitely want these moments captured on camera so make sure to inform the photographer. They can also help come up with fun picture ideas!



4. Make sure the venue allows pets in the wedding

Luckily here at West Hills Country Club we allow your furry companion to join in on the ceremony. As long as they have a dog sitter with them and are responsible for them at all times, they can be a part of your I Do’s!


5. Include your pet in engagement

If you want to include your dog but do not want to have the extra worry during the wedding day, consider including them in the engagement or engagement photos. This might be more comfortable for you and your pet, and you can have adorable photos to keep!