Elegant Country Club Wedding | Hudson Valley, NY

We are very excited to be a featured wedding on borrowedandblue.com!   About This Wedding Why This Wedding Won an Oscar The Nominees for Best Performance That first look. We're always such suckers for tears and smiles. Bagpipes. Because who doesn't [...]


10 Local Area Attractions

Many wedding couples have family and friends that travel to the Hudson Valley to attend our wedding venues. Residents and visitors alike enjoy four unique seasons of entertaining events, historic landmarks, regional shopping centers, and a taste for culinary delights ranging [...]


She’s Back!!!

That's right everyone! This week we started the process of putting our Grand Outdoor Ballroom all back together again. And by Saturday she will be up and running for our first outdoor wedding this season! For those of you who don't [...]


Did You Know?

Did you know that West Hills Country Club has two ballrooms? When the outdoor ballroom is unavailable from December-March we can still hold weddings here at West Hills! Our Indoor Ballroom holds up to 200 people and might just be the [...]