By Taylor Checchia

When you get a wedding invitation in the mail, you are almost always expecting for it to be taking place on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. But not anymore!! Say goodbye to traditional, and say hello to weekday weddings!


Thursdays, are the new Friday!

Hosting your wedding on a Thursday is past the point of, “becoming popular.” It is now a thing. It’s part of the norm!! Thursdays, and weekdays in general, are the new normal for many reasons. Here are just a few:



Many venues offer midweek pricing, which is significantly less than weekend pricing. Nothing changes; you get everything you would normally get on a weekend, but sometimes for a quarter of the price…sometimes even more of a discount than that!



Selecting a less expensive day of the week will reduce venue cost, which may allow you more room to select upgrades. Who wouldn’t love to have a Viennese Hour at their wedding?!


Significant Date

Many clients have a particular date that means something very special to them. If you love a date, and want that specific date to be your anniversary, then don’t let the day of the week stop you from getting what you want!


Long Weekend/Reunion

Weekday weddings are a popular choice for couples with large families that live far away. You don’t always get to see those family members that live out of state, or even out of country, so when you are able to visit with them, you would like it to be longer than just a day or so. Weekday weddings are the perfect reason to create a long weekend. More time to visit and catch up!


Here are some tips for ensuring your weekday wedding is the most memorable

  • Give notice – Make sure you send save the dates to give guests enough time to plan accordingly.
  • Timing – Host your wedding in the evening to allow guests time to get ready and arrive on time.
  • Vendor Costs – Some vendors may be willing to give deals for weekday weddings, due to having the day available! Use this to your advantage when planning ☺