Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors can be a tricky tradition to get right. You don't want to get your guests something that they will toss to the side, forget about and never use, but you don't want to spend a ton of money on TOP of all the other wedding expenses. Thankfully we live in an age where Pinterest and DIY trends are all the rage and can be a huge help in finding affordable, yet useful, favors. Below you will find wedding favors couples have given to their guests at West Hills in the past. Having a favor that is actually useful is key, allowing you to rest assured that the money you spent is going to use, not to waste. Blooming Favors Affordable, beautiful, and incredibly sturdy, small succulents make great wedding favors, especially when you plant them [...]

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Wedding Favors For Your Guest’s

Are you stuck on the idea of what to give to your guests to say thank you for helping you celebrate your big day, but don’t want to give them something that may just end up getting thrown out later? If you are in this predicament than check out these 42 Wedding Favor Ideas to help you thank your guests in the best way possible! 

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