A wedding cake design that bares all- introducing the naked cake! Now before you go jumping to conclusions, let me explain what I mean by this. A traditional wedding cake has frosting on the outside, but the naked wedding cake uses frosting in a different way. The frosting is typically placed in between the layers,  leaving the outside of the cake completely exposed. This gives the cake an entirely new and unique look.



Even though there is no icing to give the cake that “pretty” factor,  the naked cake does not disappoint. These unfrosted beauties come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Multiple flavors give certain looks and textures which makes each cake different. Fresh fruits and flowers, edible garnishes, powdered sugar, rosemary, caramel- anything you like!- can be used to give the cake a beautiful look unique to you. Pinterest has hundreds of different ideas for a naked cake to help you decide exactly what you like. I don’t think any couple wants the icing dripping down their cake during a Summer wedding. That’s what makes these cakes perfect for warm outdoor weddings and adds an elegant simple touch to any sweet spread.

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Here at West Hills Country Club, we work side by side with The Pastry Garden to create your dream wedding cake. Whether you want to go the traditional route, or get a little creative, we will be sure to accommodate to your needs, and your sweet tooth!