What Our Country Club Has to Offer

West Hills Country Club has recently been featured in the The Met Golfer Magazine's February/March issue (the article begins on page 76- if you have a chance, check it out!). This inspired me to write about the country club itself, which does not get as much attention on our blogs as it deserves! The article talks about our history as the Orange County Golf Club which began in 1899. It touches on when and why the bridge was built on property (which many of our wedding couples have pictures of hanging in their houses... :) ) and other details about the past and present of the club. The Bonura Hospitality Group bought the club in November of 2012 and the place was transformed into West Hills Country Club. And let me tell you... the renovations have been spectacular. We are now a 27 [...]

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Here’s to Another Year of Greatness!

I'd like to share a little story with you all. Now I know 99% of our blogs are wedding focused, but today I'd like to focus on welcoming 2015. Yesterday, in the midst of the blistery weather and usual Saturday grocery store and chaos, I stood on line waiting to pay for some items I picked up for my Grandfather. A very nice woman grabbed my attention and asked if I had a coupon for the cases of water I was purchasing. I politely replied yes and graciously thanked her for her offer. From that simple little coupon offer, started a conversation about the need for all people to be kind and appreciate one another - that there is more to kindness than just saying "have a nice day," but going out [...]

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