Grooms Cake

Groom’s Cake or No Groom’s Cake?

Long ago, in addition to the main wedding cake there was an entire separate cake that was served as a favor to the guests to take home. According to a long forgotten social custom, the single women would take a slice of the cake home and place it under their pillow when they went to sleep that night. This was supposed to bring them sweet dreams of their future hubby... hence the name grooms cake. Today, the groom's cake has made a come back and we are seeing it at many weddings but for very different reasons. It is typically a bride's gift to the groom that reflects his personality or interests. Of course the wedding cake has some opportunity to incorporate the couples style and taste, but the grooms cake has the freedom to be more informal and sometimes even [...]

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Groom’s Cake!

It’s that time a year again…football season! Why not do something special for your groom and create a groom’s cake! This picture taken here at West Hills Country Club is of a Jets Groom’s Cake! What will the theme of your groom’s cake be on your wedding day?

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