Scratch Off Escort Cards

Look at this fun and unique idea for escort cards we saw here a West Hills Country Club! Add some fun to your wedding by having the guests use a penny to scratch off their ticket and find out where they are sitting! What will you be doing for your escort cards?

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“Gimme S’more”

For your wedding here at West Hills Country Club, you and your fiance get to choose a fun signature drink! Here is one of the signature drinks we saw this past weekend, called “Gimme S’more” Ingredients: Pinnacle Marshmallow Chocolate Liquor Half and Half Chocolate Syrup Marshmallows Graham Crackers What will your signature drink be for your dream wedding?

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Who has played the game Jenga?!?

Look at this picture taken from today’s wedding! The bride and groom decided to have some fun with their guest book and use the Jenga game! With the cute caption “Please write what you consider to be an important building block for a successful marriage on the Jenga piece” What will make your Hudson Valley wedding unique?

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Ceremony Program Fans

Looking for a unique idea for your ceremony programs? How about ceremony programs that turn into fans! This idea will be a sweet surprise for guests especially if they need to cool down on a hot summer day. What will make your ceremony unique?

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Wedding Magazine Fun!

Looking for a unique and fun idea for your big day?? How about creating a magazine all about you and your love for your wedding guests! Today’s couple included fun photo opps, exclusive interviews, fun wedding crossword puzzles and much much more for their guests to read about! What will make your wedding unique?

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